Prevent NULL-ing fields in CRM when opening TDM if they are NULL in external system

For context: SRO is SeatGeek Ticketing

KORE setting SyncPendingCustomers NULL Push is only used on the ticketing integration and not in TDM.
When the TDM loads for an existing ticketing account, we PULL/REFRESH the ticketing account details from SeatGeek/Archtics/Veritix and that updates MSCRM. And then, the sync kicks in and we copy the updated values in MSCRM to PSS.

So when we updated the business phone in SRO to blank, the ticketing integration WILL NOT overwrite the business phone in MSCRM and PSS.
However, when the TDM is opened, it will PULL the updated data from SRO and that is why the business phone in MSCRM and PSS got set to blank even when just opening the TDM.


According to client and Success, this is not a good design and needs to change. 


The expectation is that the TDM tool won't clear out the MSCRM data if the SRO field is blank. If MSCRM has the phone number field filled out it should either (1) push it towards Ticketing data or (2) at least not be overrode by the black SRO field. 
I understand that TDM operates with the notion that the ticketing data being law, so to avoid this the Sounders would need to rely on entering the contact info in TDM so it pushes to both CRM and Ticketing. This is not very flexible.
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  • Jan 17 2019
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