Sync solicit_emailfrom Archtics into CRM/PSS

When both the club and the stadium use TicketMaster, membership purchases as well as retail/casual ticket purchases about both bought across into Kore through the Archtics integration (TM sync the membership/retail databases on their side). This is a great help.

However, as part of the retail ticket buy process within TicketMaster, customers have the option to Opt Out of email marketing communication from the hirer/venue. I believe this is the solicit_email field in the Archtics database.

Ideally, I'd like this field to sync across from Archtics into CRM. I'm not fussed on whether it syncs across into an existing field within CRM (such as the Unsubscribed field) or if it drops into a new custom field. It will need to sync both at initial contact creation, as well as ongoing as at any time an existing customer may purchase a retail ticket and decide to opt out of communications.

This is important for any Australian organisations, especially those using Kore integrated to TicketMaster and a Marketing Automation product.

  • If a person buys a retail ticket in TM, a contact will be created for that person within Kore.

  • The sync to the Marketing Automation platform will then create that person within the Marketing Automation platform.

  • We need to know at this point whether the person has opted out of venue/hirer marketing emails and block them from any automatic journeys.

  • There's strict penalties under the 2003 Spam Act (up to AU$1.1MM / day) for companies who break this rule.

Due to the potential penalties, this is a bit of a live one for us. We've built a failsafe process as a short-term hack, but it's not great and it's very manual. I'd be keen to see how we can solve this challenge in an automatic and reliable fashion.


  • Matt Russell
  • Sep 17 2020
  • Future consideration
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