Ticket order form - special notes field

I’d like to revisit a topic we have discussed in the past as it pertains to order forms. For the special order instructions, we are having an immense pain point with the current configuration of this text existing on one running line.



At this time of year – during renewals – we have a number of details that need to be conveyed to members of the staff that process orders.


Details involving postseason seats, cards involved with payment plans (postseason and regular season seats), and other details that may come up for ticket shipping, etc.


The current field holds text in one long line. Which is very unappealing and difficult to read. We have already had several issues with orders charged to wrong cards due to the scrolling required when users spot check their extra notes required during this time period.


Our ideal outcome would be to reconfigure this text field to have visibility that matches the ‘group scoreboard message’ text field. 



That text box allows a lot of visibility for larger text strings and even enables users to resize that text box if needed.

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  • Sep 4 2019
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