Adding Property to Box Office Processing Queue view

I would recommend adding a Property/Divison column to the Box Office Processing Queue. Or having the ability to filter the Box Office Processing Queue by Property/Division.

Our organization services multiple teams so we have multiple properties/divisions in KORE. Because our organization services multiple properties/teams (Suns, Mercury, Rattlers, NAZ, and the Arena Events), our staff within the Box Office are split up to attend to a specific property. The Box Office Processing Queue in the Box Office Dashboard, does not display property on the grid. So our Box Office staff have to open every order that comes through, look up the Archtics ID on the Ticket Order Form (because not even the Ticket Order Form displays property), and do all that to just see if that order is of the property they are supposed to process.

Not only is the process inefficent for our Box Office employees, but it has caused some orders to not get processed in a timely manner.

I'm sure we are not the only organization that services multiple properties, so I would anticipate that other organizations would benefit from this change as well.

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  • Mar 20 2020
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