Marketo Integration - Add Deletions of Ticket Group Custom Entity

Overview: As part of our Marketo Integration, Ticket Groups are Synced to the Marketo Platform in form of custom entities, and appended to the customer record. From there, Marketo Users are able to leverage the custom entities to build marketing segments used for email communication. The bonus to this integration is that it allows new members of ticket groups to automatically flow over to Marketo (overnight) and subsequently be added to critical email lists. All that said, the current integration only allows for appends, NOT deletions. Therefore, if someone asks for a refund on their season tickets, they WILL be removed from the ticket group in PSS, but we will not make an API call to Marketo to delete the custom entity from the Marketo customer record. 

Idea:  When a customer is removed from a ticket group, we also remove the custom entity from their record in Marketo. 

Business Case: If a client is removed from a ticket group (for one reason or another) we keep the list consistent within the Marketing platform, preventing them from receiving an unwanted email communications. 

How Should it Work: When we refresh the ticket groups overnight, we should also look for anyone that was removed and subsequently remove the necessary custom entities from Marketo as well. Alternatively, we could run a process over the weekend that completely refreshes the ticket group custom entities in Marketo (if that is easier that making incremental adjustments each night). 

One important thing to note is that customers cannot remove custom entities through the UI in Marketo. Rather, a deletion must be done through an API. Therefore, once we add a ticket group to someone's record it cannot be removed by the client (eliminating a workaround). 

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  • Dec 14 2018
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