Asset Grouping & Packaging

Packaging in the system is not tailored to partnerships at all. It assumes that a package is a standard set of assets that are consistent for a set of events and then requires an additional line item in the inventory for the package title for easy insertion of that package and the associated assets under it. This works for connecting assets like match segmented Field LED (a pre-match ratio to in-match ratio) or above field LED (Ring level boards, North Tower, and Four Corner Hustle) together but is terrible for overall programs within a deal, for example Man of the Match (MOTM). Partnerships and associated assets are tailored to the partner so the MOTM program for Partner A is not the same for Partner B. With the current set up, I would have to set up multiple MOTM packages instead of being able to group assets under a MOTM label of some sort within the deal wizard. It’s a tedious task to package and then there are several additional line items cluttering up the inventory. I can put MOTM in the ‘remarks’ of the assets that are a part of the program, but this doesn’t actually group them together and the partnership marketing team has to review all the individual assets and organize everything themselves. We need some sort of ability to group assets within the deal wizard for overarching programs that does not require adding additional line items into inventory.

  • Peter Wiggum
  • May 9 2019
  • Likely to Implement
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