NBA Benchmark - Submit Line Item (not Package) revenue to League

NBA Teams currently use PSS Sponsorship (Configuration Records > NBA Benchmark) to prepare a Sponsorship Revenue Breakdown to the NBA League 4 times per year.  The data is submitted to a KORE-built portal called NBA Benchmark Portal.


Presently, PSS displays and submits the data at the Package level.  The NBA wishes to begin receiving this data at the Line Item level.  This will enable better comparisons and analysis at the League of how teams are performing revenue-wise across similar sponsorship assets (whereas the inventory revenue comparison becomes challenging if revenue is abstracted at the package level).


I believe this to be simply an SQL logical change on the existing NBA Benchmark tool.  All UI/UX elements remain the same, and the API-based data payload will remain the same also.

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  • Feb 27 2019
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