Functionality to track costs for delivering rights

In the sponsorship model there is the hard costs for delivering an asset logged. This is a forecasted cost for delivering a certain asset. Ideally this should feed through to Konnect so the delivery can be maanged within these costs.

However, the actual cost of delivery won't always be the same as the forecasted cost so it would be good to track the actual cost of deliveries at an event or asset level relative to the forecasted cost of sale.

It could work by having the hard cost of sale feed into Konnect as a box alongside the scheduled/delivered/delivery reason boxes. There would then be another box for 'Actual cost of delivery'

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  • May 4 2020
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  • Matt Russell commented
    17 Jun, 2020 10:43pm

    I like this idea and the proposed solution.

    This gives the delivery team a "rough budget" for completing the fulfilment, whilst also allowing feedback at review time to better tailor hard costs (and thus profitability) of the assets within the Sponsorship module. This will result in more accurate Hard Costs assigned to inventory, and capture changes to Hard Costs over time.

    The end result is more accurate reporting and analysis on both inventory costs, fulfilment overhead and deal profitability.