Asset Expiry Date


Since certain events are being cancelled around the world, partners are sometimes being given the ability to carry assets forward into next season as long as they're used within a given timeframe. In KONNECT we'd like to add the ability to assign an expiry date that an asset would need to be used by, in the event the team carries over the asset to the following season. This will need to be reportable across standard reporting and insights in KONNECT.

Additional Notes:

  • There may be some complexity to figure out, for instance if the partner has a bank of 30 tickets that carries over to the next season (where for example they already have a bank of 50) this will take their quantity to 80 tickets, so there may be a requirement to proportion out 30 that need to be used by end of September (as an example) and the remaining 50 available for the rest of the season.

  • Matt Roberts
  • Mar 18 2020
  • Likely to Implement
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