Update Account/Contact Phone Numbers to use the tel: protocall for one click dialing

On Contact/Account pages where it lists the phone numbers, email addresses, and address, right now only the email is a clickable "mailto:" protocol link which will open the default email app and allow a user to quickly email that person.

We would like the same thing applied to phone numbers using the "tel:" protocol link which would allow our users to click on those phone numbers and it would open Skype/Teams for them to quickly call the person.

The change should not be difficult as there are several browser extensions of various kinds than can re-write numbers on a page that match a phone number and add the "tel:" protocol in front of it, which makes them hyperlinked to open with the default calling app.

This feature was widely used by our users with our previous CRM solution.

  • Bryan Greenaway
  • Dec 14 2020
  • Future consideration