KORE Activity Screen: Add ability to cancel an Appointment and schedule a new activity at the same time

A rep schedules an appointment, but then the lead cancels the appointment on the rep.   The rep doesn’t have an easy way to either:

  1. Cancel that appointment and create a new phone call in the SAME opportunity
  2. Convert that open appointment into the next phone call

I feel like the product would be greatly improved for the teams if they had a way to do either one of these things.  #2 would be more desirable from a UI perspective….#1 they can sort of do now but it requires them to do some extra steps that they often forget about.


One thought I had would be a big button that would say something like “Cancel Appointment, Continue with Phone Calling” and maybe in the background script/workflows can do:

  1. Cancel the appointment
  2. Create a new phone call in that same opportunity

That way the rep doesn’t come off the phone call screen and it feels more seamless for the rep.   We taught the reps that they can go back to the contact screen, create a new activity, and select the opportunity from the regarding drop down, but they so infrequently do it (happens maybe once or twice a week) that they never remember.

  • Chris Zeppenfeld
  • Dec 5 2016
  • Future consideration
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