Rate Cards - ROI

We´re looking for a way to assign an ROI rate to an inventory item´s rate card. We discount our assets by applying an ROI on the rate card as introduced in our inventory, and want to measure this using the Deal Wizard. Some of our assets are never subject to ROI (ROI=1), others are subject to a fixed ROI, and the majority is subject to whichever ROI rate we end up deciding on ourselves. Perhaps by adding one column in the inventory Excel sheet, we could choose between either of these three options (None, Fixed, Open). Another column should then be used to assign the values for the "Fixed" ROI-applicable assets. Additionally, in the Wizard, we would need to be able to see a field within the inventory-tab where we can introduce any value (e.g. "4"), which then applies that value to the "Open" ROI-applicable assets. The system would then calculate the Fair Market Value we´re assigning to a deal. Happy to elaborate on this by for example sharing one of our valuation templates.

  • Casper Siewertsen
  • May 14 2019
  • Future consideration
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