Dual rating fields in the Pipeline Info Section of Deal Sheets – Confidence & Revenue

Currently the rating field is supposed to represent the confidence level an individual has in a deal coming to fruition. This makes it difficult to create true pipeline revenue calculations within the reports. Because with only one ‘rating’ field the calculation is not representative of the actual revenue we may expect to come in. For example, I may be pitching Partner A at $100k and I am only 50% confident that the deal is going to come in at all. The pipeline report will represent this as $50k of projected revenue. It will likely come in at $75k despite my confidence being 50% so we are understating projected revenue in this case. I am pitching partner B at $50k as part of a renewal. I am 50% confident the deal will come in at all but am 100% confident that if it closes, it will be at $50k. The projected revenue in this case would be represented as $25k which is overstating our projected revenue because it’s an all or nothing situation and we wouldn’t want to calculate it unless we are at least 75% confident. We can manually separate the fields connection on the dynamics side, but this then requires our teams to take an additional step of manual entry for the revenue rating v confidence rating. A dual system gives us a clearer picture of the revenue landscape and allows us to set rules around how we group partners based on the two requirements. Looking at our overall goal, the current system from a pipeline standpoint would indicate we need to have at least another $300k ‘unpitched.’ The dual system, would indicate that we are closer to 800k given the revenue ratings and confidence ratings rules we set, meaning we are likely somewhere in the $500k range short of our overall goal if all conversations were to wrap up at this point in time.

  • Peter Wiggum
  • May 9 2019
  • Future consideration
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