Unassigned Lead Pool

Idea Summary (what problem are we looking to solve?):

The idea is to have a way that ticketing reps can pull from an "unassigned" lead pool when they've run out of leads they have been assigned.



Customer (if any):

Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic

Idea Details/Suggested Solution (if any):

A simple addition to "My To Do List" could be interesting to add a button labeled "Get More Opportunities" that looks at a pool of random leads that admins can manage.  Admins would be able to set a minimum threshold of open opportunities before this tool could be used by reps but if they're under the threshold, they can go get a pre-determined max amount at a time.  

This could also include an addition to Fan Finder to setup a saved audience with a schedule to automatically find leads and add to the "pool" on a weekly/daily basis.  A basic admin configuration area of this would be ideal as well so I can choose which "pool" is available to which sales teams. 

Priority 1 - 5 (1=Low, 5=Urgent)


  • Jared Carlisle
  • Aug 11 2017
  • Future consideration
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