Rebuild User Interface & Extend Capabilities of Duplicate Identification Tool

Notes on Ways to Improve the Dedupe Tool

  • More automatic
    • Ability to dedupe, auto-create and auto-append
    • Note: Supposedly our old dedupe imported from MSCRM 4.0 was much better than the current one
  • Specify rules
  • Reliability
  • Output results
    • Notification of job
    • Maybe use async importer to track progress and give back errors
  • Map and append custom fields
    • Using same underlying logic that powers the fan profile
  • List creation option
  • Ability to kickoff campaign
    • Label the job
    • New CW search widget
    • Specifically have a searchable entity on the campaign wizard for dedupe import results without needing to create/use marketing lists
  • Performance – 3-10 records per second
  • RetrieveDuplicates SPROC – remove it?
  • Guest
  • May 1 2017
  • Planned
  • May 1, 2017

    Admin response

    We have some planned improvements to the deduplication data import utility as part of our Q2 roadmap, and we will remove this requirement at that time.

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