Easier Access to TDM

I am sure you have had thoughts/requests on this topic before, but I wanted to pass along a product idea that came up during my last meeting with the Hornets.

Currently, they are finding that reps are not using the TDM to update information as much as they would like. They’ve even noticed that reps are beginning to put updated phone number information into call notes instead of using the tool. They believe a big reason for this is due to its obscure location within the dynamics contact form. If more accessible, there’s a strong feeling that it would increase user adoption and data entry. While brainstorming, we came up with three ideas that would make it a bit easier on the user when needing to access the tool. I’ve mocked up a few examples of what this could look like. Interested to hear if there are any other plans to do something similar to the thoughts below.

  1. Business Card Link (My vote)
  2. Access TDM from Call Screen via link/button
  3. Actually Update Phone Numbers within Call Screen (Least feasible I’m guessing but Zep was big on this one)
  • Jeremy Halek
  • Apr 17 2017
  • Released
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