Deal Sheet Rollover Tool - Provide Rate Card(s) for selection if multiple rate cards exist.

The deal sheet rollover tool displays the following warning "Warning: The following rate cards do not have an equivalent in the next season" when attempting to roll a deal which has a rate card for the next season but the inventory item has multiple rate cards.

We do have several inventory items with different units but the same unit of sale description: 

For example: 

  • 30 second @ $2,000.00
  • 60 second @ $3,500.00
  • 120 second @ $6,000.00

In the deal sheet rollover tool; it would be ideal for the system to recognize the matching unit and unit of sale description to determine the matching rate card for the season OR display to the end-user the rate cards for the new season and allow the end-user to make the appropriate selection at the time they are shown the warning. 

Currently the end-user has to:

  1. Write down the affected deal sheet number and the rate card(s).
  2. Continue rolling over deal without the rate card. 
  3. Return to the deal and launch the deal wizard
    • If the component is a package only item the end-user must remove the package and any additional associated components from the deal. 
  4. Add the appropriate rate card (or package) back into the deal. 

Thank you, 

  • Bree Green
  • Jul 5 2017
  • Future consideration
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