Deal Health Check Button

The Deal Wizard and Deal Sheets should have a button to run a “Health Check” on the deal. We have built a business validation report for the Cowboys which runs through a set of about 20 different rules to see if deals have broken any business rules to ensure the data is accurate in the deal. For example, if the Billing Record totals are less than or greater than the deal gross, then turn red to show that something is off in the billing totals. Or, if the Billing and Primary Contact fields are missing.

Right now it’s an SSRS report the team can use for all deals across the system or select a single deal and get a health check on everything. This could be amazing as a simple button on a deal sheet to run a check on that deal alone. Could be a step in their workflow which basically performs a quick audit and flags any issues with the deal. I picture it to look a similar way to how the deal saving screen works where it does a quick checkbox besides items that pass and red X for rules that have failed, with a “details” link for any failures to explain why it failed this check.

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  • Aug 26 2016
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    Marc Roots commented
    14 Oct, 2016 03:22pm

    The first version of this is now available via that SSRS report (deployed to all PSS customers) but we can evaluate other options via a button or the workflow system