Allow external users to look at multiple seasons

Our organization has properties that operate on different fiscal years, so the seasons we use in KORE vary from property to property.

The challenge we have now ran into with this is that our external partners in KONNECT can only see deals they are assigned to within the default season. The easy fix in my mind would be to turn on the season dropdown list for all users, allowing them to change the working year.

So the workflow would be:

  • External user gets assigned to a deal in a season different than the default season

  • User logs in, clicks "View all deals"

  • On the page they would usually see no deals, there would be a drop-down list to select a different season (internal users have this capability)

  • They change to the season their deal is in and can access their asset list (currently they can only see tasks they are assigned to from the home page)

I realize not all teams have the same challenge with multiple fiscal years, but I do imagine they may have the need to activate across multiple seasons.

  • Keanen Buckley
  • Apr 15 2021
  • Released
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