Deal Asset "Status" Field

Add a simple Status field on Deal Assets to represent if an item is fully "ready to go" even if Delivery has not yet happened or the asset still hasn't been scheduled. This field would be used by partnership managers to ensure their project is on track without using tasks for every asset. This will be extremely useful when teams are not at the point of inviting other departments or partners, which is when the concept of Tasks will really kick in.

It would be necessary to see this field in the following areas:

  • Asset Reports (Asset Delivery, Event Delivery)

  • Deal Assets tab (potentially a visual representation vs. another text column - e.g. checkbox)

  • Deal Asset side panel

This status column should be configurable in the Setup area to add/update the possible picklist options and the associated icon/color for each

This status should also be available in Bulk Edit tools on the Asset Delivery report

  1. Filter Asset Delivery report to return results that you want to update

  2. Select ALL or SOME of the results

  3. Click Bulk Edit

  4. Ability to update Status field by selecting from a dropdown of available options

    1. Will require the ability to not touch the Scheduling & Delivery portions so likely needs a third bullet point in that area to ignore Delivery

  5. When I click Apply, the status of all selected assets should be changed to the new value.

  • Marc Roots
  • Apr 20 2020
  • Planned
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