Approval Queue Grid - Add Description field

The Approval Queue in the Suites and Premium module is obviously a key part of facilitating the workflow, and one that all the teams use very heavily. However without going into each deal, the grid view is lacking context of the deals which reduces the operators' ability to prioritise which deals they work on.

Ideally, I'd love to add the Description field from the Deal Sheet into the grid view in the Approval Queue. Alternatively, create a new single-line-text Summary field on the Deal Sheet which can be exposed within the Approval Queue grid.


  • Corporate Hospitality sales reps are creating deals in the system for casual (single-game) rentals.
  • The workflow pushes these deals through to the Finance team to be billed
  • Some of the deals are for tomorrow's home game. Some of the deals are for a home game in 3 weeks' time.
  • The Finance team need to prioritise the billings for tomorrow's game so that people get their tickets.
  • At the moment, they need to open each deal one by one to check the description field and event lists
  • Significant productivity benefits would be had here if the team had a way to identify some additional information directly in the grid.

Same scenario applies when the deals are routed to the Ticketing and Fulfilment teams. There's some opportunity here to really streamline these areas by providing the operators with some additional deal context to facilitate their prioritisation of the processing. 

  • Matt Russell
  • Sep 5 2019
  • Future consideration
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