Sort Location Search Results by <Section, Row, Seats> instead of <Seats> on Premium Deal Wizard

On the ‘Deal Details’ page of the Premium Deal Wizard, when we add a Location by clicking on the “+” button, the results are currently sorted by Seats. For example: When I search for Section 109, it displays results where all Seat 1s are shown together followed by Seats 2s.

From a user experience point of view, it would be better to sort the location search results by <Section, Row, Seats> so that it shows up as:

109 – 3 – 1
109 – 3 – 2
109 – 3 – 3

Can we please investigate if there is a reason why all Seat 1s and all Seat 2s, etc. are grouped together and if we can have the sort order changed for the search results?

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  • May 7 2019
  • Future consideration
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