Fan Finder: Failing Campaigns using Contact Template with 'wrong' Ticketing DB


When launching a campaign through Fan Finder using Contact Template by Ticketing ID - if the Ticketing Database is not 'Archtics' or 'Veritix' (in this example the client had put 'AXS') the campaign will appear to 'create successfully' but not create any associated entities (TSO's, activities, etc) - nor does the campaign appear in the 'Recent Campaigns' section in Fan Finder OR in 'config records > campaign process summary'.

If a client does something that is 'invalid' shouldn't they be alerted as such?

What business needs/problems does it address?

It's confusing for the client if they use an invalid ticketing database, Fan Finder allows them to follow the entire process to create a campaign 'successfully' but then nothing is actually created.

How should it work?

Example: When you upload a renewal template to Fan Finder, it will immediately throw up an error if an account number doesn't exist, a rep's name is spelled wrong or a product is spelled wrong or doesn't exist.

This is where you should get an error if a user puts the wrong Ticketing platform in the template (i.e. AXS not Veritix for this particular situation).

Who would benefit from this idea?

All clients that use Fan Finder with a Ticketing DB.

  • Jessica McHutchison
  • Mar 11 2019
  • Likely to Implement
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