See another user's ToDO List

It would be helpful if we could Switch User in the Kore ToDo List, potentially by adding an Owner field (that defaults to the current logged-in person) to the Filters section of the ToDo List.

The ToDo list is great for showing me my calls for today, or tomorrow, etc. However when a team member is sick or away for the day, being able to toggle into that person's ToDo List will show me their pending calls will enable team continuity in a responsive, adhoc fashion.

This will also be great for testing campaign launches that do now include your user account - it will be straightforward to launch a campaign in FanFinder, jump back to the ToDo list, and toggle the view to be that of a team member that was included in the campaign calls to verify that the calls are present on the set days as expected.

For more permanent scenarios (IE, a member has left the team) the process of reassigning that person's calls to another team member is the right way to go. But for adhoc "Bob has called in sick today" situations it's a bit overkill. This would be a nice, quick way for the team to be able to cover another member's calls without requiring admin/manage reassignment.

  • Matt Russell
  • Jan 18 2021
  • Future consideration
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