Ability to export/import Ticket Group definitions in bulk

Currently the only way to edit or create Ticket Groups is via the GUI in Configuration Records. I'd like the ability to export/import Ticket Group definitions to work on them in Excel in bulk.

When you have a large number of Ticket Groups to create or edit (such as when onboarding a new client (potentially with multiple prior seasons to configure), or when creating new Ticket Groups for an upcoming season, it would be much faster if we could:

  • Dump all the Ticket Group definitions to an Excel file,

  • Work on them in Excel, inc copy-and-paste rows or bulk-update existing rows

  • Upload them back into the system

This is not a replacement for the GUI - I forsee this working much the same as Inventory Item management currently does. We can create/edit Inventory Items through the GUI, or we can export the list to an Excel file, bulk fix/add, and then re-import. This is very useful in onboarding as well as ongoing maintenance of the Inventory Items.

Having this functionality would make my life a lot easier in many ways, including:

  • Higher QA on Ticket Group definition. Being able to copy and paste TG rows reduces the change of missing to click the "show on Contact Dashboard" for instance, or accidentally setting the wrong Season.

  • Ability to bulk-review Ticket Group definition. Being able to see the TG properties laid out in a spreadsheet makes it easy to see any that have incorrect attributes/typos/etc in them.

  • Ability to bulk-re-order TGs in case that is needed.

  • Ability to set up a new Season's TG definitions very rapidly and at a high level of quality. Copy last season's TG definitions, paste in to new rows, update the Season and the specific Archtics codes within the existing SQL, and you're done. Import the file and the new TG's are ready to go.

  • Matt Russell
  • Jun 17 2020
  • Future consideration
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