Ability to alter sort order on Event dropdown menu on the call save screen

Currently Events are sorted by date descending and there is no way to alter the order (Confirmed by dev)


From Client (Scott Jeffer): 

In short, I’ve been asked if we can change the order of the choices on the Event drop-down on the Call Activity screen. Currently, it’s in reverse date order, but we think it wasn’t like this in the past. To clarify, we’d want Jan. 1 on top and Dec. 31 on bottom, not vice versa. Without meaning to complicate this case, there’s a related issue that’s less important. We typically add calendar dates to Events (Ex. January 5) even though they aren’t game dates. My gut is that we’re doing this improperly and that we should be creating these Events in the Microsoft events instead of through KORE’s Events. Any insight would be great as to how KORE designed for this usage, but please don’t slow up the answer to our first question (dates in reverse order) by spending time looking into and answering the second more complex advise question about adding Events.


We planned to add calendar dates for the rest of 2020, even in our offseason. Ex. Nov. 1, Nov. 2, Nov. 3…all the way to Dec. 31. However, does that mean that the top choices will always be Dec. 31 which will annoy the salespeople who are usually search for game dates? Or, if we don’t put “Regular Season” as the “Round,” will the dates not show up in the choices if we leave the Round as blank? I think I can do this if I create the Event through Microsoft instead of using the KORE Events add screens. We don’t use the other calendar dates as much as the Games, but we do use them such as if we invite people to an autograph session on a non-game day.

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  • Dec 19 2019
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