Allow for using Ticket Group Category as a filter in FanFinder

We currently use Ticket Groups within FanFinder all the time to take advantage of having aggregated Ticketing information immediately available for launching campaigns (calling and email).

We are assessing adding further detail to the groups we currently have, while using the functionality of the Ticket Group Categories as the broader group. (eg. Groups would be Half Season New - Blue Package, Half Season Renew - Blue Package, Half Season New - Green Package, Half Season Renew - Green Package; Category would be Half Season)

We can change our Ticket Groups to more detailed, but without the higher level Categories, the FanFinder searches will get needlessly complicated to contain so many AND/OR statements, when Category is already a KORE built feature, just not yet in FanFinder.

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  • Sep 30 2019
  • Future consideration
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